The Baltic Shipyard.
Photography book

The Baltic Shipyard. Photography book
This photography book was created in honor of the 160th anniversary of one of the largest Russian shipbuilding companies — the Baltic Shipyard. The pictures show the whole cycle of production of nuclear icebreakers from metal processing to ship hull assembling. The photographs included in the book is a hallmark of not the shipyard only, but of the entire shipbuilding industry of the country.
The Baltic Shipyard is one of the largest shipbuilding companies of north-western Russian which history is inextricably linked to the city on the Neva River.
Slipway "A" of the Baltic Shipyard is the largest in Russia. It is 350 meters long (13 779 inches) that makes it possible to build and launch the vessels with deadweight of up to 100 000 tons (220 462 233 lb).
In 2013 the Baltic Shipyard began construction of Arktika icebreaker and after its commissioning it will become the largest and the most powerful nuclear icebreaker in the world. It is 174 meters long (6850 inches), its capacity is
60 megawatt.
The unique dual-draft structure of Arktika will make it possible to use the vessel both in arctic waters and in mouths of polar rivers.
Propellers manufactured at the Baltic Shipyard are used at heavy-tonnage tankers, container ships and passenger vessels, all types of the Russian Navy ships, nuclear icebreakers, high-speed vessels and boats.
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