Gelio Vostok is a Russian photography agency and a publishing company that works all over the world. We produce photographs and photography books for big companies, industrial enterprises and cities.

The company is specialized in unique photography that makes it possible to show buildings, companies, production processes and even whole cities in the most attractive way.

Every corporate edition made by Gelio Vostok is based on extraordinary photography, and visual content specifically designed for each project.

We follow modern standards in design, layout, and printing that help our editions stand out. Our teams of photographers take pictures all over the world and on every continent. We have a great experience in arranging photo shoots in the most remote locations and a team of photographers distributed widely by geography makes it possible to find quick and efficient solutions to our customers' tasks regardless of the country.

Favorable foreign exchange rates mean our customers get world-class quality at a great price.
Our services
Our services
Altitude photography
Photographing of buildings, companies and cities from helicopters and drones
Industrial photography
Photographing of mining, oil and gas companies and metallurgical companies.
Asset creation
Creation of visual materials for annual reports, presentations, exhibitions, events and other marketing activities.
Corporate books and photography books
Gift books ("coffee-table" books) based on unique photography, modern design and infographics.
Creation of infographics and graphic materials using a customer's data.
Video production
High-quality videos starting from simple presentations and ending with complex corporate videos.
cities photographed
60 000+
total circulation of published books
industrial objects photographed
large publishing projects
Our advantages
Complex photographic methods
Aerial photography, high altitude photography, industrial and commercial event photography
We have our own team of altitude and industrial professional photographers distributed all over the world
Projects and photography all over the world, from the USA to Japan
Work experience with large companies, industry leaders
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Solzhenitsyn Street, Moscow, Russia

Office in Siberia:
12 Lenin Street,
Novosibirsk, Russia