Irkutsk Aviation Plant. Photography book
Irkutsk Aviation Plant. Photography book
The photo book was created in honor of the 80th anniversary of one of the largest Russian aviation companies. The plant used to make only text books. For the first time the leaders of Irkutsk Aviation Plant agreed to a new format of publication — a modern photography book. Hundreds of pictures were taken inside of the company showing the production process at all stages of aircraft assembling. In the end, we got a beautiful book which not only employees or partners of the plant but also all aviation fans are happy to have.
Su-30 is a two-seat fighter aircraft of 4+ generation. This aircraft is manufactured at Irkutsk Aviation Plant.
This is the first serial supermaneuverable aircraft in the world. Su-30 radar can see another plane from the distance
of 200 kilometers and reach up to 10 targets at the same time.
Irkutsk Aviation Plant is one of the most significant Russian centers of the aviation industry, it is a branch of Irkut Corporation. Within the project the plant and also an adjacent Irkutsk-2 area were photographed from above.
320 employees of the workshop are responsible for installation and testing of the main systems of an aircraft: hydraulics, fuel system, engines, wings, chassis, aircraft radio-electronic equipment and weapons.
Since its foundation the plant has produced over 7000 aircrafts of 20 types. Irkutsk Aviation Plant supplies 37 countries of the world with aircrafts.
The book and photos made for this project were mentioned by many Russian officials, aviation experts and also many thousands of viewers on the Internet.
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