Omsk. Photography Book
The 300th anniversary of Omsk. Photography book
The photography book was created in honor of the 300th anniversary of Omsk — the second most populated city in Siberia. The book starts with the detailed colorful infographics showcasing the essential statistics and most interesting facts about the city. The book is subdivided into separate units under informative titles— culture, economy, industry, etc. The main task of the book is to show the beauty of the city from unusual angles and makes a fine gift for official delegations and city guests.
Part of the infographics displays key facts and statistics for the city, while the remainder focuses on the 300th anniversary of Omsk.
The book shows the city from different sides: there are symbols and sights of the city, cultural objects, the main streets, residential areas as well as economy and industry.
Lenina Street is the main street of the city which was significantly reconstructed in honor of the city's anniversary.
The graphics on the pages marking the book's subdivisions are made in the style of well-known city landmarks.
Special attention is given to social infrastructure; with sporting facilities taking particular prominence.
Residential areas of Omsk.
Omsk bridges. The page from the Transport Infrastructure chapter.
Krasny Put (Red Pathway) is one of the oldest streets of Omsk. It was the end of the suburban road the Red Army used to enter the city.
In 2014 large-scale renovation of the pedestrian boulevard at Chokan Valikhanov Street was completed. Now it has futuristic-style fountains, unusual architectural features, comfortable benches and modern illumination system.
The Assumption Cathedral is one of the main architectural landmarks of Omsk listed in the catalogue of the world temple culture.
In 1891 Prince Nikolay, future Russian Emperor Nikolay II, travelling across the country put the first stone at the foundation of the Assumption Cathedral.
Crossing of М51 highway and Cherlaksky Route.
According to data for 2015, the population of Omsk is estimated at 1 173 854 people. In 2016 Omsk celebrated its 300th birthday.
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