S7 Airlines. Photography book
S7 Airlines. Photography book
S7 Airlines is one of the largest Russian airlines. Photography book under the title "In the service of inspiration" was published in an advertising entitled campaign "Make happiness." We showed the world as it is seen by the pilots of S7 Airlines every day. Every picture displays a part of the S7's massive range of work— airports, crews, passengers, and alongside breathtaking landscapes. This is what inspires everyone who helps us get to know the world better. The photography book became a spectacular and inspiring gift in the style of a new advertising campaign.
S7 Airlines (Siberia Airlines PJSC) is a Russian airline based at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport. It is one of the largest airlines according to the number of passengers transported. In 2013 the flight network of S7 Airlines included
146 directions to 26 countries of the world.
Aircrafts of the company founded in Novosibirsk, in the middle of the continent, fly to the outermost spots of Eurasia spaced many thousand kilometers apart.
The easternmost point of the S7 Airlines route network is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The Pacific ocean washes Kamchatka in the east, and in summer the sun at the peninsula rises at the moment when citizens of Moscow haven't even gone to bed yet — the time difference is 9 hours.
The northernmost point is Norilsk located above the Arctic Circle in the north of the Krasnoyarsk region. The harsh climate distinguishes the city, the winter here lasts at least eight months, and the lowest temperature ever recorded in Norilsk is 64.7 degrees Celsius below zero (84,46 degrees Fahrenheit below zero).
The westernmost point of the route network is Dublin (Ireland). Ireland is traditionally associated with Guinness beer, whiskey and famous national dance.
Vladivostok Knevichy Airport is a large regional hub of the company in the east of the country. The city is more than 9,000 kilometers (5,592 miles) away from Moscow: to travel from there by train takes a week.
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