Transport Police.
Photography Book
Transport Police. Photography Book
Transport Police (The Ministry of Internal Affairs for Traffic Safety of the Siberian Federal District) secures significant rail, air and water hubs in the region. The scenes and perspectives were planned for the album; the staff of traffic police photographed while working at the facilities. Altitude photos of areas and cities in Siberia were also included in the book. This was the first album of its kind in the history of the Transport police. The book was the main gift for the customer for the next few years.
The responsibility of the MIA for traffic safety includes 9 subjects of the Russian Federation, 13.5% of the population, more than 9 thousand km of railways, 809 railway stations, 19 airports, 14 sea and river ports.
The employees of the Transport Police ensure the safety of waterway in the river port of Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia. The service area includes 362 km of the fairway of the Ob river within the Novosibirsk region and river ports.
Altai region department. German Titov International Airport in Barnaul. The airport links the region with Moscow by daily flights performed by major Russian airlines. Regular flights are performed to Anapa, Sochi and Krasnoyarsk, and international flights are carried out to the cities of Germany, Turkey, Thailand and Egypt.
Transport Anti- Riot Squat (SWAT) is a sustained combat unit which was formed due to modern weapons and technical equipment. To be enrolled into the SWAT staff, young employees have to go through serious admission tests.
A part of the album is devoted to beautiful altitude photos of the regions of Siberia. It has allowed emphasizing the idea that every day the staff of the Transport Police safety performs duties in the unique area of the country. Photo: Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro electro station which is the largest power plant in Russia in the installed capacity.
Photo: Norilsk is the second largest populous city in the world located in the Arctic Circle in the north of the Krasnoyarsk region. The local department of Taimyr is one of the most unique units within the structure of the Transport Police in the Siberian region.
The Inskaya railroad yard is one of the most massive yards in Russia with hundreds of tons of cargo passing through every day.
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